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Allen Digital is a specialist Microsoft development company based in Brisbane, Australia focusing on web application and Business Intelligence consulting. Get in touch today to discuss your individual requirements.

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What do we do?

Web Applications

We can help your business improve your online presence. Whether you need a simple information website or a complex application that drives your business forward, we have the experience to achieve your goal.

Database Systems

With over 10 years experience with SQL Server, we can help with database design or maintenance. We even offer a virtual DBA service meaning we'll look after your databases on an ongoing basis or will migrate your data to the cloud.

Business Intelligence

Pushing your data into specialised data warehouses can give you insights into your business that you never knew was possible. Using the Microsoft stack including Power BI gives you fantastic analytics at a fraction of the price of other vendors.


Company Data on Any Device

To compete in the modern world, key personnel across your business need access to the information they need wherever they are. By implementing best web development practices, Allen Digital can help with:

  • Bringing data to life
  • Improving business productivity
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Making important decisions more quickly


Moving you to the Cloud

We work with the 2 largest cloud services in the world; Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Moving your data to the cloud reduces costs and improves reliability and performance.

Contact us to discuss moving an existing application to the cloud or to develop a new service that is built for the cloud. By why move your data to the cloud?

  • No physical servers to look after
  • Reduce costs by using resources effectively
  • Built in fault tolerance and redundancy
  • Improved performance, everywhere in the world
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies already use the cloud
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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Most companies have data stored in various forms such as Excel, application databases, SharePoint, Access and many others. Wouldn't it be great if everything was available in one place for central reporting and analytics?

  • Regularly move data to a central reporting system
  • Fantastic for executives and management
  • Use familiar tools such as Excel
  • Ensure sensitive data is protected
  • Fully managed and supported by us
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Frequent Questions


What technology do you use?

We are a Microsoft development company. This means we will use ASP.NET, SQL Server, Power BI, SharePoint, Excel and many other great platforms and tools to get the job done.


How will you work on my project?

We use an Agile methodology to get our work done. What this means for you is that we deliver small pieces of functionality often and encourage you to review throughout the build process.


How much does it cost?

This depends very much on the project being undertaken, however to be transparent with pricing our standard development costs are $120 per hour.


Do you provide support?

Yes, there is standard warranty period following the completion of any work to get you up and running. Even after this stage, bug fixes are completed free of charge.


How do we communicate with you?

The preferred method of communication is Skype, however on-site visits can be arranged within Australia. If outside of South East Queensland additional fees for travel will be billable.


Is work carried out in Australia?

Yes, work is conducted in Brisbane, Australia. Sometimes we may need to call on partners in Asia to carry out some of the work but all work is overseen by a Project Manager in Australia.